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6 reasons

why professional headshots will help

you define your company's branding

A headshot is not only a simple picture.

It's your virtual business card, the logo of your personal brand, and the best way to make an impactful and long-lasting first impression

Here are the top 6 reasons why you need one.

You get to define an overall look that is aligned with your company's DNA. That way, your staff's headshots are coherent with the organization's branding.


Company's DNA

Visuals tell a story about your business. It's up to you to decide what message you want them to convey so that what people think about your company is closer to what you want them to think.



Many companies use their employees' social media profile picture as their main internal and external image. Presenting your staff in a standardized, coherent and professional way will differentiate you from the competition.



Yes, headshots might seem like a small detail. But attention to detail is without any doubt a value that is important among your clients, no matter what industry your company is in.


Small but important

A company that invests in its branding and image by having coherent and standardized headshots will be perceived as much more professional and reliable than one who doesn't.



Offering professional headshots to your staff is a simple way to let them know that the company cares about them and that it considers them part of the team.




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