I started taking headshots in 2015, when I realized that taking pictures of food and drinks was a lonely job. I missed the human interaction.

Since then, I've been lucky to photograph over 500 portraits, from students to CEOs.


What differentiates me from other photographers? 
My goal is not only to take a nice picture, but it's also about making the whole experience enjoyable to you.
Only that way am I able to fulfill my moto, which goes like that:
"it's not about taking a picture of you, it's about capturing who you are".




What starts like a working relationship typically ends up in a long term friendship. 

It has been a huge honor to work  and continue working with these companies and I can't wait to make new friends and grow the list in 2020.





079 896 72 34

Aarau | Zürich



Aarau - Zürich | hello@julianbregnard.com

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